The Bro Code

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 6 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY If a Bro injures themselves while lifting weights, fellow Bros will add more weights before getting help THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +6 80 A Bro Never hits on a Bro's girlfriend or the girl a Bro likes homie - 79 A Bro shall never intrude on another Bro's time with a girl SuspectPanda38 - 78 If a Bro walks in on a Bro watching "videos" he will say nothing and leave RandomLettersxD - 77 A Bro must never snitch or tell on another Bro unless he has Broken the code. If so then the local Bro committee must be called upon for a trial. TheBro Allenson321 +2 76 If a Bro fails a challenge, it's always the equipment's fault THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 75 When picking up chicks Bros will always backup another Bros story no matter the level of truth. Bro_Drew +1 74 A Bro will never wear socks with sandals THE OLD BROCODE.ORG Allenson321 - 73 A Bro never lets his brokenhearted Bro drink alone THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 72 When a Bro offers another Bro chewing gum, that offer is for two or more pieces THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 71 If a Bro's girl is changing them for the worse, it is up to the Bros to snap him out of it. Retr0_Bro +3 70 At no time shall a Bro attempt to steal another's girl - This includes flirting or attempts to paint their fellow Bro as immoral or bad in the eyes of said girl. Cartox +2 69 A Bro will always answer another Bros question even if it is a stupid one, when it is a stupid one that Bro is allowed to make fun of said question, especially when you have already answered it. Sigma_80 +1 68 A Bro never gets lost, he merely finds an alternate route. Curtis Siaosi +1 67 The Bro Code is eternal, even beyond death and reincarnation. Allenson321 +4 66 Thou shalt not cockblock a Bro unless it is for his own safety Pedantic24 +1 65 A Bro never applies sunscreen to another Bro THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +1 64 A Bro always honours a bet THE OLD BROCODE.ORG 1  COMMENT +5 63 If you catch your Bro cheating… no you didn’t. Bro_Drew +1 62 A Bro shall always keep his word Bartholomew The Apostle +3 61 If a Bro passes out/dies while lifting weights, another Bro must add more weight to the bar before calling 911. Curtis Siaosi +4