The Bro Code

1) Bros before hoes - a 'hoe' is defined as any woman that is not your wife or direct family

2) A Bro is always allowed to do something stupid as long as his Bros are doing it

3) If a Bro gets a dog it must be at least knee height when fully grown

4) Whether a Bro is in to sports or not they pick a team and support them until their dying breath

5) A Bro shall not gaze at a naked Bro

6) A Bro never sends a birthday card to another Bro

7) A Bro is honor-bound to aid his Bros with diy and moving house

8) Bros do not share dessert

9) If a Bro leads a beer/food run they are entitled to all left over change

10) A Bro doesn't allow another Bro to get married until they are at least thirty years old

11) Bro's don't smell each other on purpose

12) A Bro always maintains a minimum of one urinal gap between Bros

13) A Bro is never vegan

14) Bros never talk about their Bro's wife in a sexual way

15) A Bro must always accept a request to act as wingman for another bro

16) A Bro will always tell their fellow Bro if they discover the girl they like is interested in someone else

17) A Bro NEVER dates another Bro's ex

18) If a Bro gets dumped, it is up to his fellow Bros to take him paintballing and get him drunk to forget

19) A Bro only comments on another Bros appearance if it improves his odds of getting laid

20) When the girlfriend of a Bro comes and asks where said Bro is, YOU KNOW NOTHING.

21) He who smelt it, dealt it

22) All Bros have an interest in some sort of weaponry

25) A Bro will, in a timely manner, alert his Bro to the existence of a girl fight

26) All Bros like steak