Bro Code Suggestions

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 3 hours LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY A Bro must do his best to find out if a Bros love interest feels the same way. mr.bro +6 # A Bro should always return a high five and never leave a Bro hanging jahan lulla +1 # If a Bro is wearing socks, any rule involving sexual relations or implications with another Bro is thus annulled. Supreme Bro +3 # A Bro Never hits on a Bro's girlfriend or the girl a Bro likes homie +1 # If a Bro strikes out with a non girl Bro then another Bro most come to save him +1 # A fight between women must not be Broken up until a sufficient amount of clothing has been removed jahan lulla Supreme Bro +1 # A Bro shall not lock eye contact with a fellow Bro whilst consuming phallic shaped edibles (etc; bananas, Popsicles, hotdogs) Supreme Bro -1 # A Bro must not wear socks with there sandals - # If you Bros girlfriend or wife tries to hook up with you, you must tell your Bro rightaway mr.bro +6 # A Bro shall never jump on hump day - # A Bro shall never intrude on another Bro's time with a girl SuspectPanda38 +2
# What happens between Bros stays between bros TKMKage +4 # A Bro must always oblige to fulfill the actions of a double-dog dare. crusader bro -1 # A Bro never reveals how many chicks he has banged. crusader bro +1 # When wearing a baseball cap a Bro must position the brim at the 12 or 6 o'clock, no exceptions. crusader bro +4 # Your favorite alcohol at a friend's house is whatever your Bro decides. crusader bro - # A Bro that calls "dibs" first has dibs jahan lulla +3 # A Bro shall always support an other Bro's dreams. Be4stSie - # A Bro will always kiss another Bro goodnight if they are sleeping in the same building -2 # A Bro shall never engage in any sexual activity with a girl-bro THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +5 # A Bro Doesn't Grow A Moustache unless part of a beard THE OLD BROCODE.ORG David +4