Bro Code Suggestions Page 3

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 6 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY At a Bro's funeral, all other Bros toast with the deceased's drink of choice THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +6 # A Bro always takes a piss standing up THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # When a Bro asks another Bro to look after their drink, that Bro never tampers with it. Pranks never involve another Bro's drink THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # Bros do not pout for selfies THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # Bros pay for their dates THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # All conversations between Bros are subject to Bro to Bro confidentiality THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # When playing or responding to a prank, a Bro's car is off limits THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # A Bro doesn't get lost, he merely finds an alternate route THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # A Bro never under any circumstances attempts to get with another Bro's partner THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +2 # A Bro can only make one good nut shot for the rest of the day (unless it's the shortest Bro). jo shmo 42069 +2 # A Bro does not like the same girl as another bro tartacake +2 # A Bro shall never intrude on another Bro's time with a girl SuspectPanda38 +2 # A Bro Never hits on a Bro's girlfriend or the girl a Bro likes homie +2 # A Bro who calls dibs first, has dibs. Fran +2 # No Bro shall look upon a fellow Bro while using the urinal. BroCodeAbider +2 # In the unlikely event that two Bros share a love interest, they may compete for such interest, and the Bro that loses must not have any hard feelings against his fellow Bro as an extension of the “Bros Before Hoes” rule. Br0no +2 # A Bro will never hit another Bro in the nuts Not even as a joke BBZ1998 +2 # A Bro must never snitch or tell on another Bro unless he has Broken the code. If so then the local Bro committee must be called upon for a trial. TheBro Allenson321 +2 # If you Bro gets into cosplay (example he has a Spider-Man coustume) the Bros must dress up and take a group photo Ss200020 +2 # If a Bro likes someone he must tell his other Bros Randomatron +2 # If a Bro walks in on a Bro watching "videos" he will say nothing and leave RandomLettersxD +2