Bro Code Suggestions Page 2

# All Bros have Drunk-to-Drunk confidentiality Lowly - # A Bro does not fear what causes pain, there is no such thing as pain. Clipz +1 # Never say "no homo" when around the bros, the correct terminology is "no bromo". bingobandito +1 # If a Bro gets in a fight you get in there as well Giga chad +1 # At no time shall a Bro attempt to steal another's girl - This includes flirting or attempts to paint their fellow Bro as immoral or bad in the eyes of said girl. Cartox +3 # Bro must call Ryan Reynolds hot. Although if a Bro or Bros are asked if they are gay for Ryan Reynolds, then they have a right to say “Yes but only by The Bro Code”. Your_INFINITE -2 # If a Bro likes someone he must tell his other Bros Randomatron +2 # Members of The Bros are forbidden from making another Bro date somebody else they don't like. Especially when the Bro is a Sigma Male MattyG31244 -3 # A Bro must never harm another bro Papa_Roach +1 # If a hoe slaps your bro, then your fist you may show. Opalwat +5
# If thy Bro breaks code, thy shall be snitched next time they do punishable offence. FearGamer - # To call yourself a Bro you must be able to sing "Party in the U.S.A" with fellow bros. A bro in training - # A Bro must NEVER make eye contact nor hold conversation with another Bro while at the urinal or trough StolteMemes2022 - # If a Bro calls dibs on a hoe the hoe is fully off limits to his fellow Bros Jack Franklin +1 # If you Bro gets into cosplay (example he has a Spider-Man coustume) the Bros must dress up and take a group photo Ss200020 +2 # Bros must stand one urinal away from a Bro Ss200020 - # Never call it the Bro code in public Jaydon -4 # Bros shall do an honorary handshake when departing ways. Myth +3 # From the age of 6, young Bros must be taught the Bro Code. By the age of 14, they must know the code by heart and will then be held fully accountable to the code; before then any violations may be forgiven as long as they are immediately retaught the code violated. Allenson321 +3 # If for any reason, a Bro has been turned into a Hoe, He/She must still uphold the code even though their Bro Privileges have been revoked. Allenson321 -