Bro Code Suggestions Page 2

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 4 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY If a Bro trusts another Bro with something serious, the trust must not be broken under any circumstances. TheDarkRage7 +7 # A Bro doesn't get lost, he merely finds an alternate route THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +4 # A Bro must never talk sexually about another's Bro girl Ana +4 # A Bro Never hits on a Bro's girlfriend or the girl a Bro likes homie +4 # In the unlikely event that two Bros share a love interest, they may compete for such interest, and the Bro that loses must not have any hard feelings against his fellow Bro as an extension of the “Bros Before Hoes” rule. Br0no +4 # If you Bro gets into cosplay (example he has a Spider-Man coustume) the Bros must dress up and take a group photo Ss200020 +4 # If a Bro likes someone he must tell his other Bros Randomatron +4 # Thy Bros shall always participate in embarrassing things to either protect or embarrass less another bro. Leanbean +4 # If a Bro walks in on a Bro watching "videos" he will say nothing and leave RandomLettersxD +4 # If you see a Bro wearing new shoes, you MUST ask them how fast they can run in their new shoes No exceptions Darth_Revan-66 +4 # A Bro never rents a chick flick THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # A Bro is not required to remember another Bro's birthday THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # If a Bro for whatever reason needs to drive another Bro's car, they shall not adjust the preprogrammed radio stations THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # When hosting, a Bro orders enough pizza for all his bros THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # A Bro will always verify another Bro's story when they are trying to score THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # A Bro never gives another Bro the "silent treatment" THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # A Bro always has his Bro's back THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # Bros do not pout for selfies THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # Bros pay for their dates THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # A Bro never under any circumstances attempts to get with another Bro's partner THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +3 # A Bro should always believe in an other Bro's dreams. But he is also allowed to critisize the Bro's dream. Be4stSie +3