what to do if you and your bro want the same girl

I and my bro want the same girl what should we do and how should we determine who will get the girl

Posted by Da Bruh Cude on 01/09/19 14:36

rock paper scissors

Reply by Jack Koffmhan on 19/11/19 13:05

whoever calls dibs first get an opportunity without the other bro intervening. before calling dibs your other bro must know of this rule

Reply by Liam Stephens on 19/02/20 23:43

Whoever has gone without a girl for the longest has 24 hours to shoot their shot if it is not taken within that 24 hours than you get to shoot your shot

Reply by Asher Christensen on 01/03/20 23:34

It comes down to a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. First to three wins with an impartial Bro as referee

Reply by A.J. Turner on 11/03/20 19:30

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