A Quick Guide On Greeting Your Bros

The language used when greeting your Bros differs across urban cultures and nations, from a “hey bra” to a “ye blud”.

The one constant among all Bro’s is the hand shake and/or hug. There are many physical ways to greet your Bro, but only a select few are acceptable.

Here is your basic guide to greeting your bro in an acceptable manor.

Acceptable Greetings

the classicthe predatorfist bumpthe romanthe back patthe chuck norrisHead Nod/Chin-up

Unacceptable Greetings

The High FiveThe Secret Hand ShakeThe Back MassageThe Butt PatThe Full EmbraceThe Peace SignThe NamasteThe Double KissThe Double KissThe Zinedine ZidaneThe Heil HitlerThe Kissy KissyThe HooowwwwThe TalibanThe SpartaThe SuarezThe Chest Bump