A Bro NEVER dates another Bro's ex

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Megadega 13th Apr 2022

unless she's hot

MixtapeXD 07th Mar 2022

Never Hook Up with, Text or Date a Bro’s Ex-Girlfriend (Without Permission) This is definitely a touchy subject among men. It’s full of plenty of gray area. Three different scenarios could call for Three very different reactions. Scenario 1: Your friend dated a girl for two months, and you really hit it off with her three years later? That’s probably fair game. Scenario 2: Your friend dated a girl for four years, and you try to hook up, date or text her four weeks later? That’s breaking the bro code. Scenario 3: Your friend dated a girl, they had a kid together, and you try to hook up, date or text her? That’s definitely breaking the bro code. I usually try to avoid these situations altogether, but In general, much trouble can be avoided by simply asking. It’s good etiquette, and it’s a sign of respect. So just ask, and if they say no then respect that.

JoeyTribbiani 14th Sep 2021

Unless he broke up with her and he doesn't care Now if he broke up with her because he had to then don't

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