Bro Code Enforcement

What shall be done with bro's who break bro code? is it a three-strike system, are criminal bros immediately ejected from the code, or are they simply punished for their crimes? what would ejection from the bro code constitute? what punishments would be issued to criminal bros? how might a criminal bro restore his bromanship? is enforcement based on honor code amongst bros or would a bro-court be called into session to decide the fate of an accused bro?

Posted by Neffa Hergle on 30/12/19 04:21

A bro who breaks the code shall be banished to be outside all bro activity. sports, parties, drinking. until the ex-bro has earned the title of bro once more

Reply by Just a Bro on 30/03/20 06:08

I think their should be a 3-strike system. If they have 3-strikes than you can either make them go through certain trials. Or they can be a criminal bro till they prove themselves with a immense physical act or other things of great importance

Reply by Asher Christensen on 01/03/20 23:37

It may be appropriate to create another "quick guide" link on this page like unto greeting and urinal etiquette.

Reply by Neffa Hergle on 30/12/19 04:23

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