A Bro tried to get at a girl he likes but didn't treat her her right and she likes me. Am I allowed to pursue this?

He broke her Phone always screams at her and scares her and grabs and shakes her sometimes.

Posted by Dvarius Williams on 06/01/20 17:52

Bro dont!!! From experience its somehow fucked. Your guys girl she aint even his side bae to ease the situation a bit. Bro that relationship is a radioactive environment, it will have an effect with your relationship with bro even if he looks like he is cool with it

Reply by Jonathan Iliya on 03/05/20 22:42

if you think your other bro has a chance w/ her even the absolute slightest, no. but you must ask permission from your bro

Reply by Liam Stephens on 19/02/20 23:40

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