A Bro has quit fantasy football, and we feel he deserves some sort of punishment.

Only 10 games into the new fantasy football season and my Bro has found himself bottom of the league. He has now quit with 3/4 of the season still to play. He’s no longer logging in to manage his team. We think, even if you’re bottom of the table, a true Bro should fight until the very last match. How do we deal with him after this huge let down to our league?

Posted by Bro. J. Simpson on 05/11/18 14:43

he shall be judged punished by doing something stupid without his bros

Reply by Jacob Grimstad on 14/03/19 14:13

It's a bitch move, I think a new code for situations like this is needed. Throw it up as a suggestion and i'm sure it'll make it's way in.

Reply by The Bro Code on 06/11/18 00:04

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