Someone put Harambe in Street Fighter

Harambe VS Capcom

Someone put Harambe in Street Fighter so you can take out your rage on horrible murderous humans.

Harambe was the 17-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla shot by a Cincinnati zookeeper after a three-year-old boy managed to climb into his enclosure. The zookeeper decided to put Harambe down to ensure the safety of the little boy.

The internet decided once again to ignore war, poverty and corruption to focus on their outage at the death of Harambe. Keyboard warriors around the world believed the zookeeper hadn't exhausted the other alternatives before resorting to deadly force. The zookeepers dealt with Harambe day in and day out and knew his mentality better than anyone, but try explaining that to your average outrage brigade nut.

Since his death there have been a number of Harambe tributes, but none as impressive as making Harambe a playable character in Street Fighter. In the game Harambe is being hunted by a strange agency who want to take him out due to his newly discovered powers. Your job as the player is to help Harambe fight his way to Ryu who then helps you to escape the evil agency.

Harambe's death was a tragic event and the tributes are fun, but what do you think? Was it all blown out of proportion by an angry keyboard mob? Or did the zoo keepers not try hard enough to free the little boy without deadly force?