Football Manager player sets Guinness World Record for longest game

Football Manager

Football Manager fan, Darren Bland, has clocked up a Guinness World Record total playing time on Football Manager 2010.

Football Manager is the king of Soccer Management games soaking up countless hours and helping end relationships year on year with each new release.

Bland has clocked up an outrageous 154 seasons with Fiorentina, which set the record for the longest single player game of any soccer simulator.

During his time as fictional Fiorentina manager he managed to win the Serie A title 151 times, which leaves me wondering how he didn’t get bored after the first 10 seasons like your typical Football Manager player.

If it wasn’t for an accident leaving his laptop unusable it’s likely that Darren would still be winning league after league like an autistic child seeking soothing repetition.

Tweet from FM

Speaking to Guinness World Records about the game and his team choice:

“Variety is the spice and all that so, on this occasion, I plumped for Fiorentina. When I start a game with a club, I finish it with said club. Why abandon all the hard work just for some computer algorithm to muck it all up while I have to start the process all over?

“I chose Fiorentina because a) My all-time favorite player had a mediocre season with them – the genius, the doctor, the bearded lord of the nonchalant style, Socrates from the wonderful 1982 Brazil team. And b) They play in purple … Not a bad colour to look at for 154 years. If it’s good enough for Prince…”

The record stands at 173 days, 16 hours and 51 minutes over two years, which amounts to 4,150 hours. A record your casual World Of Warcraft player wouldn’t be impressed with.

Well played, Bland, but maybe it’s time to go outside.