Bros before hoes - a 'ho' is defined as any woman that is not your wife or direct family

detinsley1s 14th Feb 2022

So, a garden tool is any woman that isn't your wife or direct family? The correct spelling is "ho," since a "hoe" is a garden tool. The plural is okay, since it can be either "hos" or "hoes," but your singular version is incorrect.

homie 27th Nov 2021

the most important rule of them all

Will McLaren 22nd Apr 2021

What is the official rule on your bor telling your ex that all he wants is to get laid from her when he's telling you just get what you can and then can it when the next comes along...memy ex and I have been separated for a year she's the first one I fell for we ate friends and there is possibility of us reconnecting but for the last month and a half roughly I've been sidelined due to what my "bro" is saying

Kyroz the bro 06th Jul 2021

ah the first and most ancient code, a classic