Bro Code Suggestions Page 9

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 6 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY At a Bro's funeral, all other Bros toast with the deceased's drink of choice THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +6 # If you see a Bro wearing new shoes, you MUST ask them how fast they can run in their new shoes No exceptions Darth_Revan-66 - # Don't date a Bros crush if you know he has a crush on them bigbootybitch420 - # If a Bro is LGBTQ+, you must support him bigbootybitch420 - # A Bro shall never look at another Bro's search history unless they know there is illegal content. ntfresll - # Bros don't quote oscar wilde THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # A Bro never wears crocs THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # Bros don't use a photo of their pet or child as their profile picture THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # Bros don't giggle THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # A Bro never goes for a girl who is in the sight of another Bro. One of us -1 # If a Bro asks to sleep on your lap, you, by all means, must allow them to do so and make them as comfortable as possible. SUB A: However a Bro shall never ask to sleep on the lap of an unknown Bro! ZenKisake Antiedman - # A Bro never smacks another Bro's ass, unless both Bro's are wearing football pads Bro-Seth -1 # Bro’s Work Out! KruMan -1 # Bro must call Ryan Reynolds hot. Although if a Bro or Bros are asked if they are gay for Ryan Reynolds, then they have a right to say “Yes but only by The Bro Code”. Your_INFINITE -2 # Bros don't wear turtlenecks THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -4