Bro Code Suggestions Page 8

# Don't betray Bro because of a hoe Sajeeb - # A Bro must never harm another bro Papa_Roach - # A Bro never smacks another Bro's ass, unless both Bro's are wearing football pads Bro-Seth - # Bros don't show off their defeater to other Bros. SHAWTYHOTTY - # If a fellow Bro is feeling under the weather, all Bros must first punch him in the arm and then comfort him. A Fellow Bro - # A Bro within 3 hours drive of another Bro is obligated to spend at least three days celebrating with said Bro on their Birthday, no excuses, no exceptions. Zazu550 - # A Bro always tells another Bro when he is being a simp ajs1913 - # No matter what or how deceiving it will be the BRO Code will never be shown to a woman even your wife. AceDogg47 - # If you say something Gay but you don't mean it like that you will say no Homo. If you mean it like that then we still accept because Bro's always have each other's backs. Latrell ILrockstarXL - # You don't kiss your Bro's Ex without their permission, EVEN IN TRUTH OR DARE AND SPIN THE BOTTLE ILrockstarXL - # What goes down with the Bros, STAYS WITH THE BROS. gmendies_bro - # Every Bro Code breaker shall have a fair trail by the local Bro council. The council shall decide Bro's fate in relation to being a Bro. Youhanna - # A GYM BRO IS OBLIGATED TO TRY AND GET HIS BRO'S INTO FITNESS Link - # A BRO IS OBLIGATED TO KNOW ALL OF THE BROS DICK SIZES Link - # A BRO MUST ALWAYS SHARE HIS "SAUCE" Link - # A BRO MUST UTTER THE WORDS "NO HOMO" AFTER BRO HAS SAID ANYTHING SUS Link - # A BRO MUST HAVE ADEQUATE DRIP, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO (SNEAKERS, BOOTS, FLANNELS, SNAPBACKS, AND SHADES) Link - # IT IS REQUIRED FOR A BRO TO HAVE FANTASIZED ABOUT HAVING A THREESOME WITH 2 CHICKS AT LEAST ONCE Link - # ALL BROS MUST WANT TO BE RIPPED AND SHREDDED WITH MUSCLE Link - # When you hear a lady making noise inside a room with other guy try to make noise to avoid her noise reach out to neighbors Phone Repairer -