Bro Code Suggestions Page 8

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 4 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY At no time shall a Bro attempt to steal another's girl - This includes flirting or attempts to paint their fellow Bro as immoral or bad in the eyes of said girl. Cartox +6 # A Bro must always oblige to fulfill the actions of a double-dog dare. crusader bro - # Don't betray Bro because of a hoe Sajeeb - # A Bro must never harm another bro Papa_Roach - # A Bro never smacks another Bro's ass, unless both Bro's are wearing football pads Bro-Seth - # Bros don't show off their defeater to other Bros. SHAWTYHOTTY - # A Bro doesn't sing along to music in a bar THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # 'Clothing optional' doesn't really mean 'clothing optional' to bros THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # A Bro is never offended if another Bro fails to return a phone call, text or email THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # Bros don't quote oscar wilde THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # If your team beats your Bro's team you have 24 hours to rub it in THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # A Bro never wears crocs THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # A Bro does not gift another Bro with a teddy bear THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # Bros don't giggle THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -1 # Bro must call Ryan Reynolds hot. Although if a Bro or Bros are asked if they are gay for Ryan Reynolds, then they have a right to say “Yes but only by The Bro Code”. Your_INFINITE -1 # All Dick Picks Must be labeled Dick Pick and/or Gay No exceptions. Antiedman -1 # Never say "no homo" when around the bros, the correct terminology is "no bromo". bingobandito -2 # A Bro never cries THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -3 # Bros don't wear turtlenecks THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -4 # If a Bro is LGBTQ+, you must support him bigbootybitch420 -8