Bro Code Suggestions Page 6

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 6 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY If a Bro injures themselves while lifting weights, fellow Bros will add more weights before getting help THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +6 # A Bro Shall Be Allowed to Spend Time With A Girl If It Means He Has Impeccable Chances Of Getting Laid Therefore As Bros We Must Support This Bro CallMeQUAKE +1 # A Bro always stays in top physical condition in order to protect his Bros in a fight. Sub A: When in a fight a Stronger Bro must protect the weaker Bro. Boris Vasev Antiedman +1 # If a Bro asks to sleep on your lap, you, by all means, must allow them to do so and make them as comfortable as possible. SUB A: However a Bro shall never ask to sleep on the lap of an unknown Bro! ZenKisake Antiedman +1 # Bro’s Work Out! KruMan +1 # When Working Out, Bro’s Always Build Each Other Up. KruMan +1 # On his birthday a Bro can make one challenge to another Bro which he must accept. But, it must be something the birthday Bro has already done. Gabriel +1 # A bro, even if unknown, seeing a gap in conversation of a Bro and his date will come up with a reason to stop the Bro's date from losing interest. xandyw +1 # A Bro must never compromise the feelings about a girl to anyone without explicit permission from said Bro. DudeBro +1 # A Bro under the age of 18 must obey thy parents of said Bro and other bros Infernobro +1 # Thou shalt not lie to a fellow Bro The only exception is for their feelings. GeneralBelac +1 # If a Bro has his garage door open or his car hood open, his fellow Bros are obligated to stand around it in a circle. This also applies to grills at parties, where Bros will complement other Bros grilling skills. THEJEWISHBRO +1 # A Bro shall never touch another Bro's hair without the Bro's permission. Levi +1 # If a Bro would to fart a Bro should not shame the other bro IsakStar +1 # WHEN IN THE CAR, THE BRO DRIVING HAS CONTROL OF THE AUX (UNLESS BRO HAS GIVEN PERMISSION TO OTHER BROS IN THE CAR TO TAKE OVER) Link +1 # BROS MUST HAVE A DESIGNATED GUYS NIGHT Link +1 # BROS MUST HAVE A MAN CAVE Link +1 # A BRO MUST BE INTO MEMES, AS WELL AS SEND AS MANY AS HE CAN TO THE OTHER BROS AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY (BONUS POINTS IF IT'S AFTER MIDNIGHT) Link +1 # A BRO CAN CRY AND YOU SHALL NOT MAKE FUN OF HIM UNLESS IT IS A PETTY REASON THE OLD BROCODE.ORG Maskded - # 'Clothing optional' doesn't really mean 'clothing optional' to bros THE OLD BROCODE.ORG - # When a Bro learns another Bro has been in a traffic accident, they must first ask what condition the car is in THE OLD BROCODE.ORG -