Bro Code Suggestions Page 5

BEING ADDED TO THE BRO CODE - 6 days LEFT TO HAVE YOUR SAY At a Bro's funeral, all other Bros toast with the deceased's drink of choice THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +6 # Bros don't take selfies while taking a dump THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +1 # If a Bro wins a trophy that can be used as a cup they will drink alcohol out of it as soon as possible THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +1 # If Bros share a house/apartment all Bros are obligated to stay out of the way if a fellow Bro brings their date home THE OLD BROCODE.ORG +1 # A Bro will never tell another Bros crush about the crush on them. Cooldotzip +1 # A Bro should always believe in an other Bro's dreams. But he is also allowed to critisize the Bro's dream. Be4stSie +1 # Your favorite alcohol at a friend's house is whatever your Bro decides. crusader bro +1 # A Bro shall not lock eye contact with a fellow Bro whilst consuming phallic shaped edibles (etc; bananas, Popsicles, hotdogs) Supreme Bro +1 # A Bro cannot and will not ever be vegan Dallas +1 # A good Bro always respects his fellow Bros music intrests. a good bro +1 # If a Bro calls dibs on a hoe the hoe is fully off limits to his fellow Bros Jack Franklin +1 # A Bro must never harm another bro Papa_Roach +1 # Violators of the Bro code will report to the Bro Council and are expected to accept whatever punishment deemed just and commensurate with the Bro's violations. You will always get your Bro's back. Absolutely no exceptions are to be made. You will always respect your Bro's house, family, and personal belongings. Giga_Chad +1 # IF ONE OF YOUR BROS ARE DUMPED BY HIS GIRL YOU MUST HELP HIM FORGET WITH FUN TASKS LIKE GETTING DRUNK mr comedy bro Br0no +1 # BROS NEVER FORGET EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT🤝 haunter711 +1 # In the event that a Bro breaks a Code of Bro, he shall be put on trial before his fellow Bros where he will plead and make his case, the Bros will then give the verdict, majority rules. In the event of a tie between two equally large parties they must thoroughly analyse the facts and arguments given by the Bro on trial until the sides are uneven. If he is declared innocent then he remains a bro. If he is declared guilty then he will be dis-broed and lose the priviledges of being a Bro and become a bRogue. He may still be friends with the Bros but he can no longer be considered a bro. It is possible to re-obtain your Bro ship by performing tasks given by your former bros. Br0no +1 # A Bro always stays in top physical condition in order to protect his Bros in a fight. Sub A: When in a fight a Stronger Bro must protect the weaker Bro. Boris Vasev Antiedman +1 # A Bro shall never get hard around another Bro, no matter if the hardness is related to said Bro or not willthrill08 +1 # A Bro's voice upon meeting a new pet/animal must be raised 15 octaves unless that animal is being outwardly aggressive then it is optional JellyfishJellybeans +1 # Girl-Bro’s must follow the Bro Code as if they were born a Bro too. This is part of the responsibility & honor of being inducted as one of the Bro’s. KruMan +1 # Its Bros before hoes not Bros before queens gabepetkus +1