Carbon Levels Pass Point Of No Return


According to the Earth's carbon levels have passed the point of no return.

Scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography have stated that carbon levels failed to dip below 400 parts per million (PPM) during 2016.

Scientists have warned against the dangers of reaching the 400 PPM milestone for years, and now that been surpassed the consistences are no longer avoidable.

Carbon Chart

The Nature Conservancy predicts that a quarter of the Earth’s species could be extinct by 2050.

NASA’s chief climate scientist Gavin Schmidt also told Climate Central: “In my opinion, we won’t ever see a month below 400 ppm. We’re living in a 400 ppm world. Even if the world stopped emitting carbon dioxide tomorrow, what has already put in the atmosphere will linger for many decades to come.”

There are of cause those who believe man-made climate change and Global Warming to be an elaborate hoax. But the simple self provable facts tell us that the world is changing for the worse and the damage is being done by Human Beings.

While we argue over conspiracies, deserts continue to grow, forests continue to be torn down to farm more live stock, corporations continue to dump toxins into local environments and Lakes, seas and oceans are dying. You can witness this for yourself.

It's true that the global situation has been exploited to levy more and more tax from the people which doesn't contribute to solving the problem at all, but there are going to be consequences and ignorance isn't the alternative.

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