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what to do if a bro's ex starts hitting on another bro?

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Posted by BatimusPrime on 17/11/19 01:42

What do I do if my Girlfriend is a bro, but I can't break Rule No.124?

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Posted by Bro Carson on 01/12/19 06:11

We need to ad a part of the code

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Posted by Bro#6911 on 04/11/19 23:51

How do we solve the George Ezra problem?

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Posted by Han Brolo on 08/11/18 11:26

What to do if a bro snatches popcorn from another bro in the cinema?

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Posted by Shouvik Raj on 28/07/19 18:30

Codes for sentences

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Posted by Azriel on 20/11/18 19:07

A Bro has quit fantasy football, and we feel he deserves some sort of punishment.

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Posted by Bro. J. Simpson on 05/11/18 14:43

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Posted by The Bro Code on 03/11/18 22:14

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